Our Youth Fellows

The Our Kids’ Health Digital Health Youth Fellowship



This program aims for youth to participate in the creation of evidence-based and culturally relevant health content that prioritizes the unique health challenges faced by different cultural-linguistic contexts. In our program, you will learn about:
  • Creating evidence-based social media health content and compelling health infographics
  • How to build community capacity for media literacy in the context of health, including dispelling myths and addressing misinformation
  • Best practices for how to moderate and engage on social media



On October 2023, we embarked on a thrilling journey with the kickoff of our 2023 cohort. The atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation as we gathered for our very first session. It was truly heartening to witness the passion and enthusiasm that filled the room, setting the stage for what promises to be an inspiring and impactful fellowship.

In this inaugural session, we had the pleasure of welcoming our talented fellows, each one bringing their unique perspectives to the table. Our diverse cohort comprises individuals from various backgrounds and cultures, all bound by a shared vision: to revolutionize the digital health landscape.

Here’s a glimpse of their smiling faces, ready to make a difference! 📸 Follow their journey on our channels.